Changes ahead for Chatham’s Port

Waitangi, the main centre on the remote Chatham Islands is to receive a brand new $52 million wharf. The wharf is a critical lifeline for one of New Zealand’s most remote communities and it is to be completely rebuilt as a result of new funding in Budget 2015. The construction project will take around 3 years to complete and the invest will enhance economic development opportunities for the Chatham Islands.wharf

“This contingency funding will significantly improve this community’s infrastructure, which is vital for economic development and quality of life on the islands. The wharf is the only cargo-handling facility for essential supplies, including diesel for the electricity grid and fuel for the air services. The existing wharf is a structural risk and needs to be replaced within five years. This investment will enable more efficient port operations, encourage future economic growth, and sustain a lifeline for the community,” Internal Affairs Minister Peter Mr Dunne said.